One Month

Ahhhh! I just realized I am only a month away from starting my yoga teacher training course. I hope I am doing enough to be ready / I have never felt more ready (and at the same time not ready at all). Can you tell this is making me a tiny bit crazy?

About Yoga Fire Florida

This is a blog documenting my journey through Yoga Teacher Training and opening my own studio.
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6 Responses to One Month

  1. kwarren1970 says:

    Who did you decide to get your teacher training from?

    • I am going through Yoga Loft. It is a small place in downtown Ybor City near Tampa, Florida. I really picked them because they were the cheapest and willing to work with my payments, but when I went to meet her it seemed like a fantastic fit. She is a massage therapist and really cares about proper alignment and muscle structure. I think we will be a good fit (or at least I hope).
      How long have you been teaching?

  2. Best wishes to you on your journey. Teacher Training is always a life changing event; but it sounds like you’re ready!

  3. n9vember says:

    Yay, fellow yoga teacher trainee! I’m 3 months in and it’s been absolutely amazing. Don’t worry about preparing yourself, you will learn so many things once you start your training. It’s a terrific experience. Best!


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