Juice for Breakfast

I woke up with the worst headache this morning and a sore throat.  I am pretty sure the headache was caused by some kind of sinus issue.  Ouch.  A thumping head still does not make for great yoga.  Instead I went out with my husband and mother-in-law to Mimi’s for an early lunch.  Yum.  I hope tomorrow will bring a healthier day so I can get back to my training.

I did do one good thing.  However, it wont really be healthy until tomorrow.  We went shopping and bought a bunch of fresh fruits to make juice.  Not really any veggies, but it will still be full of healthy stuff.  I was hoping for an apple strawberry juice, which is quite delicious and I am surprised we never see it on the shelf at the super market.  We ended up buying bananas, strawberries, kiwi, apples, cucumber, and a couple of tangerines. We wont juice ALL of that together.  Eeew.  I hope not anyways.

I hope that my healthy drink will give my body the boost I need to do my asanas.  At least I am trying to take care of myself and I am listening to my body.  And it is saying “keep sitting on the sofa, you need a break.”


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This is a blog documenting my journey through Yoga Teacher Training and opening my own studio.
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