Eek… 14 days to go and I am getting back into my yoga asanas.  I can’t believe how quickly time is flying.  I think it has been a week since the last time I did any postures.  I have been sick.  Boo.  I’m still coughing a little, but at least now I can sleep at night.  🙂  I restarted my yoga practice yesterday.  Good old Ali Mcgraw.  That is by far my favorite sequence still.  It stretches and works everything.

I read the chapter in The Yamas & Niyamas about Tapas today and that is fitting because I fought to stay in bow pose as long as I could.  That’s the one where you lay on your stomach, bend your knees so your shins are vertical then grab your ankles with your hands and lift your chest and head from the floor while raising your legs.  Basically, you look like a bow (as in bow and arrows).

Tapas:  Self-Discipline.  I think of myself as strong; strong-willed and physically stronger than most ladies I know (y’all excluded 😉 ).  But when a pose is difficult I normally crawl back into child’s pose and rest.  And that is ok…we aren’t supposed to hurt ourselves, but sometimes I am just being weak.  How much stronger could I be if I choose to stay in the fire, to feel the “burn”?

I am going to try hard to dedicate these next two weeks as a time for Tapas.  I would rather feel the burn now then to come crashing down in teacher training.  I don’t mean just in the poses either. I mean in making sure I practice everyday and try to set 10 or 15 minutes aside for meditation.

While I’m on it, maybe now would be a great time to give up my two a day Coke addiction.  I drink one for breakfast and one for dinner.  Hmmmm….the thought of not having a Coke in the morning is a little scary.  I think I’ll start slowly and just give up the one.  I don’t need any withdrawal headaches.  My addiction to caffeine is fairly strong.  I think my body would be better without all of that corn syrup, yuck!  And I don’t want diabetes which seems prevalent in my family.  I think I’ll buy some orange juice tonight that way I am set for the morning.

Is there anything you “love” but shouldn’t?  What would it take to make you give it up?

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2 Responses to Tapas

  1. sti says:

    what’s ali mcgraw?! I need to know now! haha


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