Ahimsa- The Eluder

Ahimsa- Sanskrit for Nonviolence.  I’ve already written about you once, Mr. Nonviolence.  Why do you elude me so?

There is a shoe print about 6 feet up from the floor on my pale bedroom walls.  I put it there.  Not on accident either.  I ment it.  And that is the problem.

It isn’t there because I was doing a head stand.  I can do those without a wall now.  Yippie!  (I had a very very flexible and strong night last week, it was like a breakthrough.)

It was because I killed a damned spider.  I smashed it with my shoe.  I thought for a moment, “You shouldn’t kill that spider, Kelly.”  And then I bent over and took one of my sneakers off of the carpeted floor and smashed it hard into the spider.  It didn’t even seem dead enough, so I hit it one more time for good measure.  I wouldn’t want to leave it in pain, would I?

I didn’t kill a spider earlier today because of Ahimsa, but this was too much.  They say people even eat spiders in their sleep.  And I have certainly had one wake me up from sleep by crawling on my face.  I was not having that happen again.  Eeew.

I guess I will get a hang of this Ahimsa eventually or at least the spiders that reside in my house hope so.

P.S.  It was a very busy weekend with Christmas parties and Hobbit movies and now I have the “flu” (I don’t really know what I have, but it sucks).  So no yoga for me this week since last Thursday.  Ehhhh.  There goes my break through (I hope not).  I guess it is better to know I need rest and listen to my body.  That is the more yogi thing to do.

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11 Responses to Ahimsa- The Eluder

  1. n9vember says:

    Oh, try not to beat yourself up about killing a spider (beating yourself up is contributing more to not being compassionate toward yourself…ahimsa!) And good for you to actually listen to your body and give it the rest it needs (see, you’re re-loading your ahimsa as we speak!)

  2. I’ve reached an age where I don’t like killing spiders. But I can’t be judgmental — I wear leather shoes 🙂 Did you know there is a sect (I think that’s the right word) in India where they walk down the street with brooms, and they sweep the path in front of them while they are walking; that is so that they won’t inadvertently step on insects. That’s pretty cool! (Not to mention, the roads must look pretty clean there, too 🙂

  3. beallhere says:

    Oh the guilt I felt about two weeks ago for killing a spider. It was literally crawling across the top of my computer as I sat here typing and I thought about not killing it, and that moment left pretty quickly. Hope you feel better soon! I’m terrible at resting when I am sick, my motto is go-go-go, and work the ick out.

    • The one I didn’t kill was at work on my computer too. I tried to get my coworker to kill it for me, but I think that still falls under me being violent. Lucky spider, no one killed it. Thank you for your well wishes. I am starting to feel better already.

  4. Emily says:

    Ahimsa is one of the toughest! I’ve finally decided to try and focus on first doing no harm to myself (take that, Catholic up-bringing creating a person full of guilt!) and will then apply to others. Spiders will probably be last on my list to enjoy the ahimsa…

    • Ha! I was raised Catholic too, so I feel you girl. I like your idea of taking it one person or thing at a time. I should focus on me because I am the one I am the least nice too; although, I know people that might disagree. 😉

  5. I am surrounded by lady bugs. They don’t bother me, so I don’t bother them. Spiders don’t really bother me. I see them rarely. A mouse would freak me out though. That’s why we have cats patrolling the house. I let them do the dirty work. That is so great that you can do a handstand. My husband can. I would be afraid to attempt it. I can do a shoulder stand though, but that is a far cry from a shoulder stand. I hope you recover quickly from the flu.

    • I also have a cat that protects my yard from snakes and mice (and birds and squirrels unfortunately). I WISH I could do a handstand! I can only do a headstand. (Those words are too similar.) But I am still excited about the headstand. I don’t even have to fling my self up any more. Nice and slow. And thank you for your well wishes. I am feeling better already, today.


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